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10 things to remember if you want to do what you love for a living

Use it. As an added bonus, many people go to these events just to talk about cool and interesting things, so you'll fit right in. Give yourself constraints.

Pat yourself on the back for getting started! And just embrace reality: ddo task before you, nothing else. What a wonderful way to spend your time!

1. don't tell them they can be anything they want.

Instead of giving in to distraction, sit there for a minute. It will eventually calm down. Then you get contracts, job offers, investors, whatever. Do things, tell people. Unfortunately, the laundry, taxes and difficult conversations would never get done. Ask a friend to hold you able — another restraint that often helps.

Want to do things

Or, instead, try being grateful for the opportunity to do some good thungs the world, to learn from this task, to get better, to be mindful as you do it. The best books would never be written.

Learning to say no can change your life

You are caught up with the of the task — what will happen if you do it, what failure might result. All the achievements of humankind would be imagined, not realized. Then get a drink into you or don't and talk to them about it. Something interesting.

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So what is causing the fear? Embrace all of life, thorns and pits and all.

Intention, not. Then make something that you can talk about. That's the important part.

If you you don't have any marketable skills, learn some. Do a little, then get up.

10 things to do when you don’t want to do anything

If this fear were gone, you could just do the task easily. Learn and grow.

Do just this one task for now. Do it for 10 minutes.

You can get away with just doing one of the two, but that's rare, and usually someone else is doing the other part for you. Imagine life without all these things, and then try feeling sorry for yourself for having to do something so hard. You fear failure or looking bad, you fear the discomfort or confusion of the task.

Want to do things

Who is it helping? Make something cool.

Want to do things

That usually works, until it causes problems. Accept it as part of you, instead of running from it. But why?

You are not your thoughts

Then get up, get some water, stretch. So smile, embrace the suck, and get moving.

Embrace the suck. Or we can find a way to get crap done.

Health and wellness

I don't really mean success in a life-fulfillment way, although that depends on what exactly it is that you want to do. Well, we can run, and find distraction. Life would be boring without the suck.

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