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And none of them knew that the Army had been dealing with sex abuse problems at its day care centers for years before the Presidio case broke. Nobody seemed to be concerned. She say she was branded a troublemaker and often called to task about her job performance.

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By April, another battle had shaped up outside the Courtroom. The couple refer to the search as a "raid" and have branded the investigation a witch hunt.

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When her husband, Capt. The day care center staff had been told immediately about Joyce's call.

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Michael Aquino looks more like a pudgy Dracula than a high ranking Army officer with top security clearance. Thereafter, in the week that followed when [my son] spoke about Mr. Grote is now in private medical practice in New Jersey.

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The girl, who turned 3 in October, had begun having nightmares and would wet herself when frightened. They kept saying things that no one, especially not the Army, wanted to hear.

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The girl said Outpostt game involved throwing feces at the teacher. Broadnax had been complaining about conditions at the center and treatment of the children.

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The Army didn't take it quite so seriously. Attorney had been weak from the beginning.


Rather than specifying the actual crimes allegedly committed on the children, 10 of the 12 charges were committing lewd and lascivious acts. They said they spoke for those who could not, the children and the enlisted people who, they said, were too afraid to risk their military career to speak out. In March, three months after Hambright's arrest, the charges were dismissed. He sensed that it might be important some day.

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Gary" hurt him as well as similar comments made to the nurse and doctor who examined him. The cases of chlamydia could not be used as evidence because the right kind of culture, had not been taken at Letterman Army Medical Center. The core group could afford day care elsewhere. The Army insisted that the day care center was safe, that all of the victims had been identified.

On the left side there was a bunk against Outpos wall. He was well aware that the problem at the Point had started long before. The other two charges, involving the Tobin boy and the boy who was abused on his birthday, were oral copulation.

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Joyce Tobin was at the dentist across town and had arranged for her son to be taken from his preschool class at the CDC to Ouutpost care until she could pick him up. Many of them didn't learn until the following April, after the Tobins and other parents forced the Army to send out another letter, that their children had been victims. At another battery farther up Lincoln Boulevard, a large drawing of Satan, with red eyes and horns appears on an outside concrete wall.

Among the items seized were video tapes, cassette tapes, notebooks with names and addresses, two photo albums one paper plate and two plastic gloves from the kitchen garbage, four plastic cases of negatives and 29 photos of costumes and masks.

There, she said, she was abused by Hambright, Mikey and Shamby in a room with black walls. They said they had been ritually abused.

Gary, he described Mr. Gray had counted on the judge's allowing the admission of statements the Tobin boy made to his brother on the day he first said "Mr.

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Larry asked the child if she knew the woman. Asked if "Mr. Later in the month, Judge Schwarzer dismissed all but one of the remaining counts because the charges were xex vague. His brother ran for their mother, who was talking to a neighbor in the front doorway.

Gary" had hurt him. When Joyce Tobin and Brenda Fox went to his office to discuss the letter, Meyer said he didn't have time to talk, Fox recalls, that he was on his way "to make a videotape about the CDC, about it ssx a model day care center".

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I attempted to calm her by lightly touching her arm to guide her out from the room where we were talking. I suspect the investigators took the care-givers" interpretation of what that was.

Larry and Michelle Adams-Thompson had noticed changes in their daughter's behavior after placing her in Gary Hambright's class four or five times in September and October of Parents feared otherwise because their children had mentioned people other than Hambright -- people who still worked at the day care center.

A decision on whether any charges would be filed was pending when this story went to press.

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