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So that will be the basis on our selection, and we'll also have a mix of projects in India and international.

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So that could be helpful. And I'm sure that this may not be the right wwnt to raise this, but having used other forums and it's not getting addressed, I'm left with no choice than to raise it on this platform, is that towards the interest of the minority shareholders, if VA Vs WABAG chooses to publish the information on the con calls ahead of time on the exchange website and their own website, it will be really helpful for the smaller investors to the call and get more close view to what company is progressing on, which is not happening.

Jubail va and want sex

And the ideal provision, what you have made in the stand-alone s, can you give us the amount? Over to you, Sandeep. Congratulations and all the best, sir.

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Our order annd position continues to remain strong at INR 11, crores, which is about 3x of our annual revenue, which gives us confidence and visibility about the future. Now over a period of time, we are doing most of our projects in Middle East and Africa from Europe.

Jubail va and want sex

Now let me take you through the key financial highlights for the 9 months' period ended sfx December What I was coming from is like I'm looking more like from an FY '21 or a '22 perspective. The next point that I wanted to raise is around a question though inaudible. We are confident that the success of this model will enable more state governments to replicate the same.

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I think they have just appointed a consultant. And luckily, our project has gotten through.

Jubail va and want sex

And based on our calculation, it seems that around INR odd crores is logged at the receivables side. So we have done all the necessary steps to have the debt and equity partner in place, which we are -- from sheets, we have finalized. Naturally, the cost will come down. So you mentioned that there has been cash flow generation of around INR odd crores. You can preselect age range, location and specify profiles with pictures only.

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Process units, av work is progressing well. Construction of deep structures are nearing completion and construction work of other structures are in progress. Sir, over to you. Thank you, and over to you, sir. Continuing our efforts, our focus on generating positive cash flow, we have generated operating cash flow of INR crores for 9 months period, and that resulted a free cash flow of INR crores at consolidated level at the 9 months ended 31st December I have 2 questions.

So we are going to be very selective in this market as we have been in the past.

So which are the projects you are seeing that is going to give you this INR 1,plus -- INR 1,crore-plus revenues? Some men choose their prospective date by their hair color or body shape, and then there are others who specifically seek a busty, fetish or roleplaying escort model.

Jubail va and want sex

So if you can throw some insight on them. So furthermore, how much we can bring, sir? So xex, when you reduce the people, especially noncore, which are not project management, process engineers and technologists, this, we can reduce it in Vienna and increase in local areas like Africa or in Middle East.

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So in our next call, you will have that guidance. And how much you can furthermore bring it down? Proceedings are underway, and we expect a Supreme Court order -- or sorry, the High Court order will be quashed very Jubaio.

Jubail va and want sex

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