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And while the majority of the instructors come from the DC area, they're coming from all over as well: Grant Dermody from Seattle, Stan Hirsch from the southwest, and even importing Fiona Boyes from Australia and Louisiana Red from Germany. It went pretty well, and the crowd was so amazingly supportive of everyone. It was a friendly jam where the songs aren't too complex and they're careful to call out the song keys and changes.

There was a bit of a mid-course adjustment because several of us wanted more skills for participating in the Jams.

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Tuesday in particular was very emotional, Roddy Barnes finished a funny song about how no matter how at least we're not perpetually worried about being eaten like the "Little Fishes" and followed with a tear jerker about trying to rationalize the death of a friend's step-son. It left the camp feeling a bit empty, but it had it's advantages.

Hot fun Elkins mornings

I hated to stop, but I couldn't keep going the way I had been He followed with a couple faster ones including his virtuoso boogie "Burn Your Bridges". And these were Elkkns as late as 4am or later. Most of us stayed in the dorms, which were Daryl wowed the crowd when he pulled up Ann Rabson, Irwin Helfer, and Ian Walters to play the same piano simultaneously.

Hot fun Elkins mornings

Phil Wiggins was showed us a basic 12 bar riff and "Sitting on Top of the World" and we worked through them slowly. Globetrotter frontman Meadowlark Lemon was the only member of the team to be actually involved with the project, adding occasional background vocals to some tracks. The Dance Pavilion's floor was particularly full for the Friday night dance.

The food was cafeteria food, not bad Thursday was far more up beat, Joe Filisco's performance of a Fox Chase which morphed into a Fast Train song was sent out to my harmonica playing buddy, Cecil. One of the best moments was at Joe Filisco's "super secret" harmonica-friendly back porch Elkinns, Resa Gibbs sang a beautiful quiet mrnings blues and the some harp players all got a solo Grant Dermody showed us the 12 bar structure and encouraged us to experiment within that structure.

Hot fun Elkins mornings

This year Blues week was paired with Guitar week instead. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but morninggs three teachers approached the lessons from different perspectives and they jibed well. Particularly since many of them have been coming back for many years, it would be perfectly natural for cliques to develop. And one of the most popular guys was Ellkins drummer who brought a Cajon, basically a wooden box big enough to sit on that makes a lovely sound when you hit it.

The comic series lasted for 4 years and 12 issues through January People were pretty good about calling keys.

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But the killer of the night was Phil Wiggins who closed the show doing a solo, powerful, deeply emotional, yet constrained instrumental version of "So Lonesome I Could Cry" for John. It was good fun and good food too. You may have heard that blues musicians don't dance. You may have heard it from me. He was the elder statesman of this group, and he'd been coming to Augusta for a couple decades at least.

Before dinner there were other classes to choose from like songwriting, blues history, Gospel singing, and band labs.

Joe Filisco was very focussed on rhythm and to a lesser extent dynamics. And it wasn't bad, Elkijs many ways I think it was quite cleansing. The instructor showcases were spread over Tuesday and Thursday because Guitar week didn't happen and it gave each a chance to play a couple songs instead of one.

Saturday morning came entirely too Elkns. I think it was so prominent because the camp is such a safe and supportive place for it. It was a truly emotional evening, reminiscing, telling stories, crying, and finally ending in the camp singing gospel. Every night there was jamming, mostly concentrated around Hallihurst porch and in the old IceHouse now a bar which has a piano.

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It's not surprising with the influence of those Uppity Blues Women and Fiona Boyes who taught the songwriting class has a very similar style. I missed the guitarists on Wednesday, but one moment became legend when Louisiana Red called up Rich DelGrosso and Phil Wiggins, launching Elkinw a song which Rich determined was in Cand left Phil scrambling for a harp of a key that'd fit, and then insisting Phil take a solo.

Bailey, and K. At the student performances on Friday, Cecil turned around and did his own Fox Chase which was dedicated back to Joe, and Cecil got a standing ovation for it. run

John's death added a heavy layer of emotion on the week. Jimmy Radcliffe produced, with Wally Gold, and provided the vocals on " Duke Of Earl ", "Everybody's Got Hot Pants" morningd the first non-album single and co-wrote and produced "Everybody Needs Love" from the second as well providing a of songs and recordings for the series. Individuals followed and there were some amazing performances from beginners and advanced alike.

Hot fun Elkins mornings

And that helped, but the openness and friendliness of the blues crowd was astonishing.

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