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I wanted there to be no doubt. Yes, it was erect.

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Angie had seen my nipples once before and had been captivated by them, so I wore no bra under the lightweight top, which was loose enough that only shadows hinted at the sweet tidbits by which she was enthralled. She agreed, and the rest of Gril week, our hearts were aflutter and our stomachs full of butterflies. She was just about six-foot tall. A few are written by my sister Trish, who inspired me to create this site, or by other talented writers whose work I admire.

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Her figure was in storiez same proportions as mine, but the extra 10 inches translated to magnificent curves. She was a normal girl who just happened to be absolutely beautiful.

Girl on girl sex stories

My hips roll nicely when I walk. I even ed up an on-line site where I stoeies post the videos, and used my own full name in screen name.

Lesbian erotic romance: lesbian sex stories: girls on girls erotica action for lesbians (unabridged)

Her face was round, with shining green eyes and softly turned lips, all framed by dark brown curls which hung to her chin. I am sexually active and in a committed relationship with a wonderful woman my own age. When Friday evening rolled around, I was excited and nervous all at once. I love Angie, but I need to prove myself.

A side benefit. I loved her in her cheer skit because it showed of her thighs so well.

Girl on girl sex stories

In their minds, Angie and I were just close friends who liked to make believe about being lovers. And my spirit was still full of anger and pride. My lips are a little pouty. I told her sdx be prepared to spend the night, and while she was hesitant, I insisted that she at least be prepared to stay, even if she changed her mind later. I still loved Angie, but I needed the world to accept that I was a lesbian, and there was only one way I could think to do it. She was a gorgeous native Alaskan with creamy porcelain skin of an almost caramel hue, shiny black hair, flinty brown eyes, and an incredible figure.

Some stories here are written by me, Yasmin Ogur, and therefore reflect my own sexual fantasies.

Girl on girl stories archive

Angie was not your stereotypical high school cheerleader. She looked at me and nodded silently. Some stories feature lesbian seduction and first-time sex, while others explore female bisexuality or the breathless temptation of a bi-curious encounter. Download.

Girl on girl sex stories

Is there some sort of cut-off point? I dressed in a pleated denim skirt with a light blue peasant blouse.

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Girl On Girl These stories are about women making love with each other in lots of different ways, and in various circumstances. I was especially enchanted with her thighs, of all things. The real point Gorl that we would express our feelings for one another with intimate physical connection. The Girls: Twenty-Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories · 1.

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Danielle was sitting by herself on a bench outside of school waiting for her ride when I approached her. I have a delicate, young-looking sort of face. We were seniors and had been dating for a couple of years at that point, but Angie especially was committed to waiting for sex until we could be life partners. Explicit Lesbian Erotica: Twenty-Five Hot Girl on Girl Sex Stories - Kindle edition by North, Ellie, Lane, Lora, Jones, Kaylee, Miller, Sofia, Davis, Riley.

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My. Her skin tanned easily, and was already olive-complected by late April. It was a couple years ago, around the time of my 18th birthday. I have almost-curly brown hair to my shoulders and hazel eyes.

Girl on girl sex stories

At the time I was dating Storise, a cheerleader for the high school basketball team. Stories not written by me are published here with the permission of their authors, to whom I express my thanks. When Angie arrived I nearly regretted my plan, because she was such the picture of innocent beauty, but I did want to make love to her badly, and I told myself the video was inconsequential to that. But her beauty was more mature. But she also had three nose-rings and a tattoo of a marijuana leaf on the back of her right hand.

My mom was going to be out of town on Friday night, so Angie and I made special plans for me to cook gir, dinner at my house. I approached a girl named Danielle, a 19 year-old high school senior with an air of exotic maturity about her, as well as a reputation as, well, a dyke and a slut. And, yes, I look pretty damned cute in my braces. Danielle in the Dorm Room: A First Lesbian Sex Experience by Angela Ward · 2. No reason to not just say it, I decided.

In Fairbanks that meant she was allowed to be a lesbian. Plenty of rough sex and bondage in this steamy tale! Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female / Girl, Incest, Male / Females, Male / Older Female, Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex.

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