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The chief surprise in the finding of the bodies, so far as officers were concerned, was that they were found so far away from Piedmont.

Following the identification, R. Simpson, Piedmont, aunt of the boy, said he carried such a watch when he disappeared. Funeral services will be held at Maysville Tuesday.

While a fugitive Comer returned to the Fain home and threatened to kill Mrs. All the onpy is a guess, and death has concealed the key to the answer.

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Simpson, wife and mother of the victims, was near collapse after news of the discovery of the bodies reached her, and could not talk. Speeches Are Brief A concrete base, standing about three feet high.

Friend in Lindsay Oklahoma only

What a story the ticking of that watch, still in running condition, could tell if it could be translated into words. He last was seen alive north of Ada and it is believed that Comer was picked up by him near Ada. Prail and Mrs. Harve Melton, attorney for the governor, said no claims had been made for reward for the discovery of the bodies of Ray Evans and Mrs.

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No shoes were found near her body. Three Negroes, Ike Brown, Bud Chambers, and Robert Arthur, discovered the bodies in a sage brush clearing while they were hunting rabbits. When Ethan was 6 months old, they moved to Blanchard. His body, with the skull crushed and pierced by several bullets, was found near Lindsay December His year-old daughter, Betsy Ann, did not come. At the top Oklhaoma a picture of Evans.

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Apparently Comer drove directly to the field near Lindsay where Evans was killed and robbed of his car and clothes, because Comer early the next morning appeared at a farm home ten miles south of Blanchard with the Evans car. Was he alone?

Comer once worked on Mrs. Homer C. Evans i took them with her to Shawnee. Finding the watch, through routine police check of pawnshop records, revived many questions that puzzled police have never been able to answer. The watch was covered with dust and appeared to have lain hidden for a long time, Robertson said.

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Doss declared. He is able to Oklahlma care of his duties as Blanchard marshal and probably can handle any gunmen who came his way, the year-old Morgan added. At any rate a Salvation Army worker picked him up in her car near Guthrie the following morning. The father wore a leather jacket when he disappeared.

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A hunt, sometimes involving as many as 1, men was conducted in the country between Maysville and Piedmont, centering particularly in the Blanchard neighborhood. When the president of the one and only bank in Erick called Brian and offered him a job, Coker said they knew their prayers had been answered.

After comer was shot by Morgan he was brought to an Oklahoma City hospital but died without regaining consciousness. Both the father and the son were wearing onlt overalls when they disappeared. Perhaps Comer carried it with him and looked at its hands as he dumped the body of another victim in a ditch.

Friend in Lindsay Oklahoma only

Engraved is the inscription: Sept. The bodes were two miles west of the Blue Bell school, about ten miles west of Sapulpa on the old Salpulpa-Drumright road.

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Those best in a position to tell it are dead. The identification was made by R.

Friend in Lindsay Oklahoma only

Police were inclined to believe Comer left the watch when he passed through Oklahoma City going north after abandoning the Evans car when it was run into a dith near Maysville. The bodies were identified as those of L. Apparently he went directly through Oklahoma City. They were in the open about feet from the highway.

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The other speaker was Rev. There were just two speeches, both brief. The honorees were nominated by their peers and selected by a committee of industry im. Though her daughter Emma enjoys it as well, she said her son lives and breathes it. The state has offered a reward for finding of bodies of four persons believed slain by Comer. Comer, Nor.

Simpson, Piedmont farmer, and his son, Warren, 14 years old, who disappeared just a month ago after hey had picked up a hitchhiker north of Piedmont. She and Brian both felt in their heart that they belonged on the farm, but knly had a great job in Blanchard that was more financially stable than farming. It appeared to have lain concealed in the brush for months. With their burial the last of the five victims of Chester Comer, mad hitchhiker, found a marked resting place, but the mystery of Comer and his impulses still is unsolved.

Simpsons Lost a Month About noon November 23 he was on a road north of Piedmont, where he was picked up as a hitch hiker by Simpson.

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