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In this regard, YouTube, the third most-visited website [ 9 ] could have been preferred by V patients because it offers visual and audio information, compared with other social media platforms. Of the three hundred videos viewed on YouTube, videos were included and analyzed. We did not analyze patient testimonials, videos without sound, Eskişehir sex not related to V, videos that could not be accessed, news reports about an individual's V diagnosis or treatment, satire, or duplicated content.

More videos by non-health professionals The first videos were screened on the assumption that the majority of users would not go beyond the first Edkişehir to 15 s for a searched item.

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The studies reported that women with V could have a strong histrionic-hysterical personality [ 6 ] and show increased self-focused attention anxiety [ Esiişehir ] as a result, these patients need more than the usual efforts to have painless intercourse. The reliability, content and quality scores of the videos in the useful information group were higher. They found that of videos initially included in the study, 33 Want more?

In contrast, Esen, et al. Disagreements between the researchers regarding the categorization of a particular video were resolved by discussing the issue until a consensus was reached.

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Two researchers watched and analyzed each video's overall information and scientific content and rated it as good, fair or poor as a co-decision. Two researchers analyzed each video's overall information and Eskişehjr content and rated it as good, fair or Eskişehir sex as a co-decision. There have been different about the relation between the source type of the videos and the of views received. Due to the lack of standardized and validated means available to perform this kind of analysis, a set of predetermined criteria were used to grade the videos.

A fair rating would also be factually correct, but only discussed the advantages of a suggestion.

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In our study we found that the YouTube viewers watched all videos regardless of their physician rated content. Among the 22, videos, we analyzed the first Some patients with V could not to seek any type of treatment because of being embarrassed about the topic or some patients who do obtain therapy could need more advanced treatment from other clinicians, or want to hear about the problems from other people with V.

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Esen, et al. A good video required accurate facts and discussion of both the advantages and disadvantages of the given video's suggestion.

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The Mann-Whitney U Test was used for comparison between two different groups. Methods A search for "vaginismus" was performed on YouTube in January 5, The first limitation of this study was that the videos included in the analysis were taken from just one point of time and all videos were evaluated by an unvalidated method, which was developed by researchers. An editorial process does not control the content and reliability of the ed videos, and most videos do not contain information about the origin or authorship.

Conclusion According to our and literature; there are a ificant of videos on YouTube which give misleading Eskişehir sex about illnesses and their treatment methods. The selection of the participant groups will be done according to the evaluation of the organization committee. The information content was good only in 19 We extracted the title and duration of the video, the of views, the author of the video, the affiliation of the author layperson or medical professional and the suggestions of the video no suggestion, drug treatments, surgical treatments, behavioral treatments and alternative treatments.

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Unfortunately, many poor Eskişrhir videos were ed by health or non-health professions which might have dangerous consequences for users. Fair videos constituted View Table 2 Table 3: Suggestions of the videos according to their sources. View Table 3 Discussion YouTube, a website which is used as tool for information and is accessed by patients and families, has more than 1 billion users [ 11 ].

While the majority aex the videos about V were ed by a health professional The normality was tested with the Shapiro-Wilk Test. All the international transportation fee including cargo will be covered by the participating groups. Keywords Vaginismus, Source, YouTube Introduction Vaginismus Va reflex to avoid injury, is a psychological disorder manifested by fear and anxiety about penetration [ 1 ].

Click on a color — travel and explore. Of these, A poor video would neither be factually correct nor include any discussion about any particular facets of V. Conclusions The study suggests that the videos at Eskişeehir could not be a reliable source of for patients with vaginismus. The reasons for the exclusions are listed in detail in the flow chart. The majority Unmoderated YouTube videos could cause the patients to learn false information rather than accurate information.

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Table 1: Excluded Videos. KadmusArts on Facebook: Like KadmusArts on Facebook — we are your gateway to interact with the global community of festival fans, artist and organizers. Int J Womens Health Wellness A study found that no ificant correlation existed between the content and the of views or the ratings given by YouTube viewers [ 12 ].

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