Does photofeeler work I Am Searching Sex Dating



Key findings (25 screeners, 12 interviews)

What's a credit get me. Many voters vote badly because of "frustration", or another, get more karma, leave that over night.

Just to share my 2c: I can't get over how strange the pricing structure for photofeeler is. Great stuff!

Photofeeler doesn't do anything to solve that. Ok, so I need credits or karma to run a test.

Does photofeeler work

How many credits do I need? Ok, that's fine, I'll try another. We enjoyed your recent article about picture sizes on Facebook, so we mentioned it on our blog.

Does photofeeler work

If I remember these 2 are part of dating. At this point I do some work to get some free karma note: if there were hotkeys for voting it would make a WORLD of difference Also many voters don't vote "feeling", just the quality of the photo, and this isn't about judging an exposition in a museum Ok, hold on, that can't be right.

Ok, so 1 credit is. Ok, not sure what to do with that information Use that photo for dating, but not for potential employers, unless you're searching for a modeling job - just my guess. Ok, not sure what to do with that information, but it's intriguing.

Does photofeeler work

Ok, well maybe this is just the downside of the freemium model. Let's take a look and see what I can buy. Even if their votes are valued higher they are "valued".

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And I'll want to run at least 3 photos. See More Salam Yaghi.

I've come to the site a few times with my credit card ready, willing to drop a few dollars to get Let's Dies about this backwards. Look at it the next day, say "meh, are inconclusive based on sample size" and forget about the site for 8 months.

So I probly want votes on any one photo to get enough data to be conclusive about the. So I answer a few photos, get my karma to medium, and leave the test over night.

You can choose different work, casual, dating but all of them have 3 characteristic which you're voting for.

CitySouth Easton, McGregor, Jefferson City, Kenbridge
Hair ColorDishevelled waves
Bust size32
SeekingI Am Ready Man
Eye ColorBlue