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Bex Loveys, Patient Services Manager.

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Thank you also for your comments about our new building and the politeness of our team, all of whom are enjoying our new building and new facilities! Thank you!

Does anyone want Concord anymore

But there other options on the horizon. Your supportive comments have been shared with the practice team and are greatly appreciated! I am confident that my health is being monitored. Again, the norm now, but back in the s a technological marvel - and it was fly-by-wire decades before Airbus made that a mainstream technology. So will we ever see her like again?

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Rated 5 stars out of 5 by Alan Davies - Posted on 27 February Only being moderately computer literate, I am amazed how easy it is to use my android phone and PC to contact the practice. The resulting telephone consultation with a doctor I know and who knows my problem is very Conford.

It meant that they could slow the air down by 1,mph in the space of about 15ft 4. Visited February Review titled Concord Medical Centre Replied on 19 February We are so grateful to you for taking the time to leave such positive and supportive feedback about our services.

Does anyone want Concord anymore

I was given plenty of useful information with regards wanh my condition and a plan of action was put forward in which I had a say and was listened to. But one day, these guys said that their air traffic controller told them to get out of the way because there was a Concorde coming through. The surgery is very good at this. Without that, the engines would have blown apart.

Still, he does not think Concorde will ever get airborne again. Now I can confidently wait for an answer which Is always prompt.

Locations of concorde planes

Jock then recalled the time he was chatting to some pilots of the super-secret American spy plane, the SR71 Blackbird. Doubtless it would have spilled some champagne.

Does anyone want Concord anymore

One recent experience has reassured me of this. The doctor you spoke with was very happy to read this and we are glad you were satisfied with your treatment and how Doex appointment was handled. From the reception staff right the way through the various services, the treatment is both professional and kind.

All of the staff I have ever spoken with, whether on reception, in the pharmacy, the nurses or doctors, have always been polite, friendly and helpful. Peering out Conccord one window, two American military pilots wearing spacesuits. Related Topics.

Does anyone want Concord anymore

All in all, anuone great practise. Looping the loop image copyrightGetty Images image captionSailing by - British Airways' last Concorde passes the Houses of Parliament on its way to a museum One final thought. Well done to you all.

Does anyone want Concord anymore

I want to make special mention of the nursing staff. Visited January Review titled Concord Medical Centre Replied on 20 February Thank you very much for leaving a positive wsnt about our services.

Does anyone want Concord anymore

Appointments have not been difficult to obtain, nor has there been a ificant wait for an appointment in my experience. And Jock insists that in her final few months before retirement, she was still making wany. We ayone shared this with the staff team and are delighted to know you are happy with your care with us. He said they did execute barrel rolls, but never a loop-the-loop, although the aeroplane was more than capable of doing it.

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This may not sound much but it was one of the most ificant leaps in aviation technology at the time. All too often we come across people in the medical profession who are under such pressure that people skills seem to be a little low on their priorities. Faster and higher, hidden away. My plea to the practise managers would be to ensure that they are treated well and allow them to go on treating us well. Obviously waiting time depends on time of the request.

Almost as soon as the final flights touched down, a campaign was launched to get her airborne again. This method might seem impersonal but I do not find Concodd so.

Economic growth will not cure inequalities

However, nothing could be further from the truth. I wonder if they waved?

Does anyone want Concord anymore

It is a busy practice which serves a large community but I do feel I have received and will continue to receive a great deal of care whenever I have cause to visit. The text reminders of appointments can be saved to help me remember the exact time. I was wany worried that the recent developments involving a quite considerable expansion in both premises and services might reduce their ability to stay community focused.

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In any technology, in fact. Sir Richard Branson's space plane Virgin Galactic is due to take its first paying passengers next year and he is promising that within his lifetime, they will be able to fly people from London to Sydney in two and a half hours with minimal impact on the environment. Visited February Review titled Concord Medical Centre Replied on 27 February Thank you so much for your positive feedback about the care you receive from us.

The doctor I spoke with was polite, courteous and I felt I had been given a ificant amount of time but without the feeling of being rushed at all during the conversation. The practice itself has recently been rebuilt and the new building is fantastic, modern, light, airy, whilst you may not always appreciate it when you are ill, it really does make a difference. So how is it that a noisy, polluting lump of aluminium, that was too pricey for most people to ride in, is still so popular?

In the politics of supersonic transport, “boom” led to bust.

You are welcome to contact me directly if you would like to further discuss our on-the-day appointments system and to explore how we can help it work for you to ensure you get the support you need. Now, the whole point of that amazing aircraft was that it flew way beyond the reach of other planes. BA still owns eight Concordes, which remain scattered in museums across the globe, from Barbados to Manchester.

I asked Jock Lowe if they ever did aerobatics Dooes they were testing Concorde.

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